Long Weekend at Moalboal

Long Weekend at Moalboal

It was a long weekend in the island and I was expected to join my hubby in their team outing at Bas Dako, Moalboal. They have been there since early afternoon, while I was still at work. So I was left to travel alone going south. I'm not really new to traveling alone and I have always enjoy the liberty of doing it. So I left work and waited for my bus going to the south west part of Cebu.

This time it was at a different resort, contrary to my previous visits at Moalboal where I only stayed at Delgado's Resort . It was at Magic Place Resort. The place was nice, just in front the sea shore and the accommodation was affordable. Though I brought my own tent to spend the night.

It was windy and it was my first time to experience the big waves of Moalboal. The big waves did not hinder me from enjoying the white sand and the sunny weather. I was playing with the waves all day, and I ended up, feeling the waves even I was already out of the water.

For trips to Moalboal, it is recommended to bring ready to cook food, or if you're bringing a vehicle you can always buy at their local market and enjoy their fresh seafood, vegetables and fruits.

And just in-case you're planning for a backpacking trip to Moalboal minus your private vehicle, bus fare would range from 80-100 pesos. And another 40-50 pesos for the tricycle. For beach bummers, this is another place worth wasting our time.

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  1. Looks like the sort of place I would love chilling out at, the sand and sea I could do with some of those right now...