Building a life at Mazari Cove

Building a life at Mazari Cove

Every couple would dream of owning a house to raise their own family. And I am not exempted from this. I too would love to see myself in the future in my own house with the kids playing in the lawn and a husband who would be sitting in the coffee table early morning reading the newspaper while I prepare breakfast for a Sunday morning meal.

Each dream can be realized if steps are made to fulfill it. And as a couple we already planned for this. The Mazari Cove of Paramount Property Ventures has just opened its doors to new couples or those planning to retire in the near future. It is a beach resort like community that offers affordable house that can cater to middle class. We were lucky to have been invited in there ground breaking ceremony to at least check the site of our future home. And indeed the place was something to look forward to. It has the view of Cebu straight on the east and the mountains in the west and the buzzing life of the city seems so far away. Such a nice place to relax after a days work. Its not that far from the highway too, so transportation is convenient for those who don't have cars yet. And it is a fence community so you're secured 24/7. Something you can really call home that can give you some peace of mind.

I just saw this project in one of the facebook account and was really interested. So I guess if you too are interested with the place then feel free to contact me or leave a message so I can recommend you to the real estate agent who also caters us.

I'm sure they'll be able to give you a good idea about the place. And who knows, I'll be your next door neighbor! :D

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