At CDO before we left for Cebu (Day 3-4)

At CDO before we left for Cebu (Day 3-4)

Instead of heading for white water rafting in CDO, we decided to postpone it for this trip. We were exhausted and we've spent too much in Camiguin.

We headed to a college friend's house to spend the night before we return to Cebu. The only place that we could explore was the SM Mall near their village and the village itself.

The village is located in the uptown area and most of the places has just been built. The city itself is downtown which is too far so we just have to check on the homes built the its architecture and designs that we plan to copy on our future home.

This blog is also give my appreciation to one of my close friends in college, for a very warm accommodation. To Maui, Lloyd and her cute baby girl, thank you so much.

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2 Responses
  1. How cute naman nun baby !! :)

  2. yennnn.. karon ra ko kabasa ani. dugay na baya mo kaanhi sa balay. hehe. salamat..