Ice cream anyone?

Ice cream anyone?

In the mood for a sweet treat? How about some tasty ice cream from Gelatissimo? Hmmmmmmm am I making you salivate? I am a self-confessed ice cream addict, doesn't really matter what brand or how much it cost, as long as its ice cream, I'll always consider it a treat. One of the best ice cream experience I've had was with Gelatissimo.

I love how they allow you to taste the different flavors. Whew! Saves me bucks from buying flavors that I'm not inclined to eating. The staff are friendly, they are patient with my every demand for free taste.

The price maybe quiet expensive, that's Php 90 for 1 scoop of ice cream. But I suggest if there are more than 2 of you to go for 2 scoops of different flavor and just share it, because its more cheaper than buying individual scoops of ice cream. You get to taste different flavors for a discounted price.

So what are you waiting for? Don't deprive your cravings and savor the ice cream even in this rainy weather.

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