My 4D Experience at Crown Regency

My 4D Experience at Crown Regency

On my 27th Birthday, Angel and I have decided to spend it at one of Cebu’s highest tower right now, Crown Regency. We’ve been there for a number of times already but this time, we want to try their day tripper promo that entitles the bearer for a free pool assess, eat all you can buffet at the Restaurant, one ride to either of the ride and a 4D experience in their theater.

We went there at almost 10 o’clock in the morning but we had a hard time figuring out what elevator to take to go to the 36th floor, since it’s where we are going to pay for the promo. The security guards do not know their own protocol or don’t have any idea about the promo at all. So we have to transfer from one building to another just to ask on where we really are going. Was so pissed off, it seems because we don’t look like foreigners we were treated that way? I hope not!

We paid for the day tripper trip and was given the ticket that has our meal stubs, ticket for the ride and the theater and access to the pool area, though we don’t have the key to activate the elevator just in case we want to go to the lower floors where the pool was located. Fortunately, one of the hotel crew was with us in the elevator so we reached the level where the pool was located. They do have a nice view of the city from the pool side, but unfortunately it was under renovation, we were not advised nor were we offered to use the indoor pool that is functional. Hmpft! Another bad experience in this trip.

I have to brush it aside in order not to spoil my day. So we decided to have lunch while waiting for the rides to open at 1 o’clock in the afternoon. The food was mediocre, not bad but not excellent either, there’s nothing special to the dishes served. So we just feasted our eyes on the sight of the city surrounding the tower and rested for a while before we explore the rides.

We decided to try the 4D Theater first. This one, I have to say was the excellent part of the trip. It was my first time to experience the 4D and I have to say, it got me screaming during the part that rats came out on the screen with synchronize air blown below your legs giving you a feeling that real rats are really in the area or snakes hissing and spitting there venom with water coming from the front part of your seat. I was scared! Though the movie was short but I love it!

So off we go to the rides. I’ve tried the edge coaster and the skywalk, but I find the edge coaster scarier so we chose to have it instead of the skywalk (the wall climb and the zipline at this time were not yet ready). So we chose to experience the edge coaster again, this time, we planned to have the edge coaster individually so that we get to have lots of pictures in the ride and instead of buying the ones taken by their crew.

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  2. Mara Feliz Says:

    It all sounds so exciting!!! I wanna try that real soon!!!

    Kisses! xxx