RCPI Night Climb

RCPI Night Climb

As part of our preparation for our Mt. Apo climb, we decided to conduct a minor climb in the mountains of Cebu. Our destination, RCPI Tower. That’s the part of Cebu Mountains that is very visible in the city because of the many towers erected in the area. Since most of us have commitments during the day, it was decided that we will trek just before the sun goes down. But unfortunately, the trek started at six o’clock in the evening. It was already dark and this is my first night climb.

There are really a few things that I fear of, but this one scared me. We were walking in the dark, with just the sounds of crickets, the river and seldom human voices are heard. The surrounding was so quiet most of the time. And the trail was slippery and muddy due to the frequent rain days before our climb. At one point we made a wrong turn, and the person leading the pack knew we were lost. Good thing the people who used to be behind us didn’t follow. We tried calling their names to get directions to go back to the correct trail. We made short cuts just to keep up with the group and that means descending from the tall grasses, sliding, and getting scratch from thorny vines.

When the altitude was higher, we had a glimpse of the city, the vibrant city light. I was amazed. This was my first time climbing RCPI tower and they were telling me, that there’s more to what I’m seeing when we reach the top. And as promised after hours of walking in the dark, we arrived at the camp site. It was beside a tower that was separated from a group of towers in the opposite peak.

The view was stunning! We were treated to an unobstructed view of the city. And it was wonderful. This has a better view than the chalet. And only few hikers would reach this site. It was heaven for me. After dinner, all I did was spread a cover on the grass and just stare at the beauty of the view.

Though we were force to sleep early because it started to drizzle then it rained harder. My tent wasn’t reliable enough because some of the rain droplets started to get inside the tent. I have to transfer to a different tent to keep myself dry. In the morning, I was treated to another beautiful sight, the sunrise, the city and the surrounding mountains.

It was time to go back to the city to have breakfast; we did not bother cooking since our butane (use to fuel our portable burner) was almost empty. I felt I haven’t fully savored the beauty of the place yet. I want to stay longer, but it would be too hot when the sun will be over our heads. On our way home, we were following a dirt road, passing the chalet and the Mountain View. We rode a jeepney going to JY Square to each our breakfast in Mc Donald’s before heading home. It was a very nice pre climb event and I wish to go back to RCPI Tower again.

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  2. Wow nice view during night. It looks like those light are full of fireflies. Love it.