On top of my Dream

On top of my Dream

I have been active in climbing just last year, 2010. I have climbed mountains and explored caves in the pass years but it was only in 2010 that I have dedicated most of my time to climbing. After my Mt. Lanaya climb in Alegria, one of the toughest mountains that I have climbed in Cebu, I had the desire to explore other mountains as well. But Mt. Apo was not in in the list yet. Because I know I have to train and climb more mountains before I conquer Mt. Apo. But never the least it was my dream to conquer Mt. Apo.

It was not until the second half of the year that I was invited to climb Mt. Apo, I was hesitant. I have heard a lot of stories from my fellow mountaineers about how difficult it is to climb Mt. Apo. And I do not want to do it until I’m not prepared. I know I have to be prepared emotionally and physically. But even with my doubts and as impulsive as I am, I bought my plane ticket going to Davao. I started buying climbing equipment including waterproof jackets to mention a few which can be purchased at outdoor shops like R.O.X. . I jogged the farthest distance and tried to convince myself that there is no turning back. Thinking about my climb did send my heart beating faster. I have to admit I was afraid. And to counter that, I tried reading articles on tips on climbing Mt. Apo. That way I know what to expect.

Time has come for us to climb Mt. Apo and the excitement of conquering Philippines' highest mountain was greater than my doubts and fears. I know that I’ll be expecting beautiful scenery, discover things that are not in the city. But everything surpassed my expectation.

The beauty of the mountain was beyond any words can explain. A lot of the time it left me speechless. It was such a beauty. I could not even justify the beauty of the mountain in my pictures. I was stunned. Everything was picture perfect, the sunset, the sunrise, the plains below, the clouds surrounding us from time to time, the wild berries, the forest, the falls, the peak, everything! All the hardships that we experienced during the climb, the cold, the swollen muscles, thorny bushes along the way, the knee deep mud, was all worth it! It was really tiring but it was also the most rewarding thing that I have done for the year.

Such beauty can't be experience in the comforts of our own homes or in the convenience of the city. Such splendor needs to be experience in the outdoors where fear needs to be conquered, going the extra mile, and taking the less traveled roads. Because such adventure pushed us to our limits but at the same time makes us realize that we can always make our dreams a reality. And it all starts in one small step to the R.O.X. outdoors.

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2 Responses
  1. fetus Says:

    hwow... to say the least, this inspired me to look for mountains to climb. hehehe

  2. Yenyen Says:

    i'll be posting more about the climb in a few days... this is just a glimpse of my mt apo adventure... :D