BMC Training by IMS

BMC Training by IMS

When one gets involve in mountain climbing or hiking, it is advisable to get a Basic Mountaineering Course. It is not compulsory but it is a good thing to learn when you are always exposed to the outdoors. Thankfully the Inter-Mountaineering Society conducted a free seminar on BMC I at Persimon, Mabolo last June 2010.

The host group has been very generous to share their experiences and tips on the outdoors, covering the basic survival skills, to do’s and not to do’s, and how to preserve the mountains and the trails for the next generation of mountaineers. They gave us the basic information about the mountains in the Philippines and categorize based on the difficulty of climbing them.

The training room was full packed, but never the least it was a day of learning and a time to mingle with other mountaineering enthusiast. Best of all, the training comes with free snacks, which served as another highlight for the event because the food taste great and there was food for everyone.

In behalf of our group, Bagtaks, we would like to congratulate the host group, Inter-Mountaineering Society and Sir Rans of Ewit for inviting us. Keep educating everyone of taking care of Mother Nature! Good job guys!

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