At the tallest peak of Cebu, Osmena Peak

At the tallest peak of Cebu, Osmena Peak

I've heard a lot about Osmena Peak and seen a lot of beautiful pictures of the place. And from then on, I started wishing that someday I can experience the beauty of Osmena Peak first hand. For someone who wants it that bad, nothing is impossible. So I spearheaded an event to climb Opeak with the help of course from my mountaineering friends, Bagtaks and Chupacabra. It was also joined by our guest who made the event more fun.

We arrived at our jump off point at around six in the evening so it turned out to be a night trek. It was an hour trek from the jump off point to the camp site. And after arriving tents were pitched and we started cooking our dinner. Socials follow though there's no need to really introduce the participants since we only have a few new faces. Both groups have always been together in most of their climbs and so the night was spend giggling, sharing stories and some boze. Or maybe for myself, got to much of it.

It was cold and the fog has surrounded us most of the time, glad I was wearing two layers of clothes and a really effective warmer. So there I was, spared from the cold.

Morning came and slowly the fog started to disappear and the beauty of the mountains was slowly revealed. It was spectacular! Can't explain how happy I was seeing the valleys and the seas below. I could have sit there in the cliff all day and still I couldn't get enough of it. Feels like I'm in heaven... (or is that a song?) But really, it gave me peace of mind, not that I am troubled but deep in my soul I felt the peacefulness of the place. Its like, all the worries has been wiped off, changed with a more enlighten spirit.

I felt the goodness of our creator seeing the beauty of the place. Can't say more but to bow down to his greatness.. It's not an exaggeration, because it really is very beautiful.. I wish to be back there again, and I won't be promising that it will be my last. The scenery is addictive, you'd wish for more and that's what's happening with me... I'd like to go back and I will be going back...

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3 Responses
  1. ingna ko when mo balik didto sunod gwaps beh. wala ra bay koy tent og unsa pa ng camping gear. Kuyog baboy lang ko. nyahahah

  2. yenyen Says:

    Sure sure cge ingon tka.. if mag plan mi balik ddto... ala man ko nka lakaw pdng kawasan so next nko adto, traverse ta.. hehehe pra mas challenging..

  3. deejay Says:

    wow! i love to visit this place.