Talaba Food trip, anyone?

Talaba Food trip, anyone?

Enough for those adventures, either climbing peaks or exploring beaches because it's time to enjoy some food trip. Oyster or Talaba in the Cebuano language has been very abundant lately in Cebu. Though I guess that not everyone is a fan of this.

I don't like the taste and the slimy feel the very first time that I've tasted it. Then I got a chance to taste a baked talaba and that's how my addiction started. From baked talaba I began to love the raw or half cooked talaba with just a squeeze of lemon juice or kalamansi.

We flocked to Consolacion, a town north of Cebu. Its just after you crossed the bridge connecting Mandaue City and Consolacion. Its situated near a fish pond that doesn't only offer fresh talaba but also fresh milk fresh or bangus.

Both can be cook over charcoal, right from the fishnets. There was approximately 15 of us and we were able to consume 29 kilos of talaba. We actually bought our own home made spicy vinegar, butter and cheese to add flavors to our talaba, but eating it raw is just fine, because fresh talaba taste sweet with some salty feel.

The place may not be a class A destination but its enough to give you a feel that you are away from the city, its very relaxing and gives you a breath of fresh air, sea breeze that is. And the food doesn't cost that much, 35 pesos for every kilo of talaba consumed. Not bad, right?

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