White Sandy Beach of Casay

White Sandy Beach of Casay

Casay Beach is not new to people in the south side of Cebu. But for me, it was my first time to enjoy the white sand beach in the boundary of Argao and Dalagute. It's a very nice place to spend a peaceful and relaxing time at the beach minus the crowd.

It is managed by the Local Government unit of Argao, so entrance and cottage rate are very affordable. You can just bring marinated pork, chicken or fish to broil in one of their broiling site or ready to eat foods for your meals.

Its also a good spot for skimboarding especially during high-tide because the sand is fine and has sufficient wave big enough for gliding the shores. Though during low tides when the corals or rocks will start to surface, skimboarding is not a good idea because the rocks are sharp and can cause some serious injuries.

Going to the resort is easy. You can ride the bus bound for Dalaguete and beyond route (that's the southeast side of Cebu) and ask the bus driver to stop you at Casay junction. From there you can either walk approximately one kilometer or ride a 3 wheeled bicycled(the trisikad) going to the place.

For our Casay escapade, it was a fun filled day with good food and some boze. Or maybe not some, because the boze was overflowing that even on our way home, they were still consuming the drink in the bus. But never the less it was a very fun day with my mountaineering friends. Spending the weekend together but not on any peak, just under the sun and the sand.

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6 Responses
  1. fetus Says:

    ayos nga place ah. suway nya pod ko'g ari diri. :)

    elijah diay inyo board. palit ta ko galing kay gi offeran ko'g barato nga driftwood nga foamy hehe.

  2. yenyen Says:

    ang kana ra usa ang elijah... ang ako(blue)kay gpabuhat ra sad na nko kay barato ra...

  3. Karlota Moi Says:

    small world kaayo gwaps.. weee

  4. Yenyen Says:

    hala lot! btw... small world.. hehehehe

  5. Anonymous Says:

    nyc!i'll be there later,.oh yeah!!!

  6. will take note of this place and try to visit next time we're in cebu. thanks for sharing this!